About Brotherhood of Beards

  • We are not just a Wargaming related community anymore, we have transcended Wargaming games and such joining us will give chances to become part of a group of people who are friends outside of them.
  • Due to the above, if you wish to join the community, you need to use the Teamspeak application.
  • An understanding of English is needed, we understand not everyone will be fluent, but some knowledge is required.
  • All Applicants are expected to have a recruitment interview on Teamspeak with 1 or 2 separate recruiters of BOBS.
  • Teamspeak & Discord is a requirement of BOBS
  • You will not be invited to BOBS if you just turn up once your "recruitment" interview and never visit the Teamspeak again.


  • All new members will go into BOBS3
  • Once new members reach 1,000 Oil in BOBS3, they will be offered the chance to move to either BOBS2 or BOBS (if space is avaliable) or stay put, All of the BOBS Clans are treated the same.
  • A Vouching is required from someone within the community already, this cannot come from anyone associated with you.
  • Vouches can only come from people who have been in the community a month or longer.
  • All Service records need to be displayed, so we can track activity (we don't care about stats, its irrelevant).
  • DO NOT approach any of the BOBS Leadership hoping for quick recruitment, this will result in your application being voided and you being ineligible to apply for BOBS for the foreseeable future.
  • All Complaints are to be sent to Auldare, our Chief Complaints Handler...